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B&B Principe Giardinelli- B&B Piazza Armerina

Barone Room
Principe Delux
Garibaldi Room

Our History

Whether you are passing through Piazza Armerina for a business meeting or leisure trip, by yourself or with others, the B&B Principe Giardinelli always has a room which is suitable for you. Situated in the heart of the historic centre, in a pedestrianised area, the B&B Principe Giardinelli is the perfect place from which to discover the wonders that the city offers. It is only a stone's throw from some of the most important attractions, and the elegant building is also a great choice for those who want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of this charming city.

Principe Giardinelli is a B&B which was created with the idea of ​​satisfying the tastes of travellers who increasingly choose Piazza Armerina as their destination. We decided to build it in Via Garibaldi, because it represents one of the most picturesque parts of the historic centre and is close to the main places of interest in the city.


Rooms & Suites

The value of our B&B in Sicily is the desire to share: We welcome you to our home for a peaceful rest, rich homemade breakfast, and good conversation.

Barone Room

Barone Room

€65 / Night
Principe Delux

Principe Delux

€70 / Night

Touristic guides

In all the languages

Breakfast and bar

Always available


View of the Duomo


Also suitable for families

24x7 Services

Wi Fi available

Good Security

VIP Security

Our Service

They are spacious, comfortable and super-equipped as they include a private bathroom with a shower and bidet, a mattress which was made in Italy, a soft duvet and a flat-screen TV. Unlimited internet access is provided thanks to free Wi-Fi so that you can share the best moments of your holiday during your stay, and is useful for those who are on business trips.

  • We speak your language.
  • Mountain bike and motorbike excursions.
  • Taste the goodness of typical Sicilian cuisine.

A bed and breakfast for all your needs

A stay for those who love gastronomy, sport, history, art, adventure or nature, we also stimulate the most demanding traveler.

Events Piazza Armerina

Events Piazza Armerina

Between art and culture, you will be oriented to appreciate some Piazzese events, or events that the city regularly organizes.

% Restaurants

Touristic guides

Touristic guides

The tour is highly customizable with the possibility of a guided tour at the Roman Villa del Casale, Piazza Armerina Center, Morgantina, Castello Lombardia, Archaeological Museum Aidone.



For your stay in the B&B we offer free tastings of typical Sicilian products.

% June/July/August

Location of B&B Sicily

We report baroque jewels like the Palazzo Trigona, near the Cathedral, the Bishop's Palace, the City Palace, from the late Baroque, the seventeenth-century Jesuit Convent.

Palazzo Trigona

Palazzo Trigona

(XVII sec.)

Palazzo Vescovile

Palazzo Vescovile


Palazzo Città

Palazzo Città

(1773 Baracco)

Convento Gesuiti

Convento Gesuiti

(Early 1600s)

Mosaico Villa Romana

Mosaico Villa Romana

(The great hunt)

Fontana storica

Historic fountain

(of the four channels)





Piazza Armerina


Quartiere Monte


(Monte district)


Ancient Institute

(Magistral Institute)


Garibaldi Street

(Old Town)

Salita San Giovanni

Lame stairway


Service Tourist Guide service in Italian, French, English, Spanish and Russian languages.

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